1. Master’s degree in areas of primary area of focus of the Department, economics, social sciences, mediation and peace studies, monitoring and evaluation combined with applied gender knowledge or vice versa 2. At least 7 years of demonstrated experience developing monitoring and evaluation plans, work plan design, retreat facilitation and management, and conducting specialized training in multi-lateral organizations 3. At least 3-5 years of demonstrated experience mainstreaming gender into the scope and programme of technical fields such as infrastructure, energy, transport or ICT 4. Ability to successfully and progressively build institutional capacity for effective ownership of gender mainstreaming goals 5. Excellent analytical and writing skills 6. Excellent oral and multi-media communication skills in AU languages 7. Computer skills in software supported by the institution (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint); 8. Ability to meet deadlines, work independently, multitask and have good interpersonal skills.
Consultant Gender Programme Expert Consultancy Services for Retreat facilitation and three year programme of work design- WGDD
Reporting to the Chairperson of the Commission, the Directorate of Women, Gender and Development is the principal adviser to the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson and all of the Commissioners on gender policy and strategy matters. The Directorate is responsible for driving, on behalf of the Commission, the coordination, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation of commitments and actions needed to advance gender equality in the Commission, AU organs RECs and Member States and to report on such work. Against this background, WGDD completed in 2018 the development of a ten year continental strategy for gender equality and women’s empowerment which was adopted by the Executive Council in July 2018 in the margins of the 31st AU Summit in Nouakchott. This strategy is the organization’s roadmap to meeting its commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment in line with Aspiration 6 of Agenda 2963 and Goal 5 of the SDGs. Similarly, the AU has adopted a new Mid-Term Plan which calls for multi-year planning of its programme of work. This plan provides the opportunity to map out tangible areas of intervention, mobilize the necessary resources to implement the gender strategy and ensure buy-in of the multi-year programme of work within WGDD. At the same time, WGDD is yet to hold an in-depth retreat with gender focal persons within the organization and share the gender strategy with key stakeholders that participated in its design. Both gender focal persons and stakeholders (internal and external) need to become more familiar with the gender strategy to ensure greater appropriation and wider reach of the document. AFRICAN UNION UNION AFRICAINE UNIÃO AFRICANA Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA P. O. Box 3243 Tel: +251 (0)11-551 7700 Fax: +251 (0)11-551 0430, Website : http://au.int/en/bids e- :Tender@africa-union.org Page 2 WGDD will therefore organize a retreat and stakeholder debriefing to ensure the gender strategy is adequately appropriated by stakeholders and the three year programme of work with budget is prepared in time for the 2020 work planning session. The overall objective is to build a cohesive team ready and capable of implementing the Directorate’s three year programme of work. Specifically, this assignment will contribute to increasing understanding among targeted stakeholders of the gender strategy and their role in its implementation and preparing a results-based three year programme of work for the Directorate.