The January 2017 AU Assembly Decision, Assembly/AU/Dec.635(XXVIII), on the Institutional Reform of the African Union (AU) sets out a comprehensive AU reform agenda. It is aimed at fundamentally re-positioning the organization to meet the evolving needs of its Member States and the continent and identifies the following core reform priorities: Focus on key priorities with continental scope; Realign African Union institutions in order to deliver against those priorities; Connect the African Union to its citizens; Manage the business of the African Union efficiently and effectively at both the political and operational levels; Finance the African Union sustainably and with the full ownership of the Member States.
Consultant selection will be made based on the following minimum educational and experience criteria: a) Education: Advanced University degree / University Master’s Degree in Management and Administration, with a minimum of 12 years (post-qualification); b) Experience: 1.A minimum of 12 years (post-qualification); experience and minimum of 7 years at expert level 2. Proven knowledge of public sector reform and administrative reform and change management 3. Proven record of the successful design and delivery of complex public sector restructuring and administrative reform initiatives; 4. Proof of engagement with/membership of, prominent professional bodies/advisory boards and governing councils of organizations working on international public administration in Africa and internationally.