Design, Supply and Installation of a Combined Cycle Power Station in Aboadze, Ghana
Specific Procurement Notice Design, Supply and Installation of a Combined Cycle Power Station in Aboadze, Ghana Employer: Rotan Power Limited (“Rotan”) Project: Combined Cycle Power Station in Aboadze Country: Ghana Issued on: 17th July 2018 1. Rotan is an independent power producer registered in Ghana. Rotan is developing a gas fired combined cycle power generation facility at Aboadze in the western region of Ghana, with a single ‘F’ class gas turbine planned for the first phase, and a similar ‘F’ class unit for the second phase, of the project. The shareholders of Rotan are Rotan Energy Pte. Limited (a Singapore based company with interests in gas and power assets across Africa) and Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF) (a private investment fund wholly owned by the Government of Ghana to mobilise and provide funds for investment in infrastructure projects). The project is intended to be financed on a typical limited-recourse or non-recourse basis. The lenders are to be confirmed but may include development finance institutions and/ or export credit agencies. 2. Rotan Power has made significant progress towards achieving all major milestones required to get to a successful financial close in mid-2019. These milestones include a signed power purchase agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana for a 20-year term, environmental permit, grid acceptance, and generation licence. The commercial operations date for the first phase is scheduled for early 2023. 3. Rotan invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for a turnkey contract to construct a combined cycle power station in Aboadze, near Takoradi in Ghana. This contract will be for the design, construction, commissioning and testing of a complete power station which includes: a) a single, natural gas-fired ‘F’ class combined cycle unit, with standby facilities for distillate oil firing; b) cooling based on evaporative cooling towers with sea water make-up; c) an on-site, indoor, 330 kV GIS substation, arranged to facilitate easy extension when a second ‘F’ class combined cycle unit is added at a later date; d) two overhead 330 kV transmission lines, each of approximately 150 metre length to connect the substation to the national transmission system; e) two on-shore gas pipelines to connection points which are approximately 50 metres and 750 metres from the Rotan site boundary; f) a seawater desalination system to manufacture all potable and demineralised water requirements for the power station and its operating staff, including demineralised water for NOx control during oil firing; g) all civil works; and h) all power station buildings, including for administration offices, a control facility, workshops and stores. 4. In the early years of operation, the output from the power station will be limited to 330 MW though the output is likely to significantly exceed 330 MW in the future subject to grid acceptance. The comparison of bids will therefore be made on the basis of the efficiency when output is limited to 330 MW, and on the maximum MW load capability of the plant which can be exploited in later life. 5. Please note that no pre-qualification has been undertaken for this procurement. The selection process as described in this notice, includes a qualification step, which shall include, but not limited to, a review of: a) legal eligibility (for example, pending legal proceedings, sanctions compliance, conflict of interest, fraud and anti-bribery); b) turnkey combined cycle power station experience that is relevant to building an ‘F’class combined cycle power plant in West Africa; c) ability to bring in export credit agency funding / support; and d) financial standing, and shall be subject to verification prior to the contract award. 6. Bidding will be conducted through international competitive procurement and is open to all eligible bidders who meet the qualification criteria described above. A contractor will be selected using assessment of equipment and construction proposals, and life-time cost of ownership-based selection procedures. 7. Interested eligible bidders are invited to send their requests to be allowed to bid for this turnkey contract to Rotan by completing the pdf form hosted at then emailing it to after which you will receive an email confirmation that it was received. The deadline for submission of these requests to be allowed to bid is 30th July 2018 at 12:00pm (GMT). Bidders who pass the qualification step will be granted electronic access to the bid documents from 31st July 2018 at 6:00pm (GMT). 8. Sealed bids must be submitted in the manner specified in the bid documents, no later than 5:30pm (GMT) on 1st November 2018. Submission of the whole or part of bids by electronic means will be permitted. Late Bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened by envelope opening or electronic access in the presence of the bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who chooses to attend at the address, time and date specified in the bid documents. 9. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the form and amount specified in the bid documents. 10. Rotan reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify any of the rules or procedures relating to this notice and any subsequent tender, including the right to refuse to accept offers or, without prior notice or assigning any reason therefore, to terminate the tender. Neither Rotan nor any agents, representatives, advisors, or consultants of Rotan, will be liable or responsible to any person for any costs or expenses incurred in connection with responding to this request for bids or in any investigation, negotiation, or transaction, whether or not consummated, which may follow. Yours sincerely, Mr. Mohamed Haji CEO Rotan Power Limited P. O. Box CT 6218, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana Tel: +233 50 154 5665 Email: Website: