The African Union Commission (AUC) now invites potential bidders for the Provision of Petroleum, Diesel, Oil & Lubricants (POL) to MNJTF from eligible and qualified service providers, Interested eligible service providers may obtain further information from African Union Commission (AUC) at the address below from 8.00AM up to 5.00PM from Monday to Friday starting from October 29, 2018
The Provision of Petroleum, Diesel, Oil & Lubricants(POL) to MNJTF
1 All bidders shall provide in Section III, Bidding Forms, a preliminary description of the proposed work method and schedule, including drawings and charts, as necessary. 2 .In the event that prequalification of potential bidders has been undertaken as stated in the BDS, only bids from prequalified bidders shall be considered for award of Contract, in which case the provisions of sub-clauses 5.3 to 5.6 hereafter shall not apply. These qualified bidders should submit with their bids any information updating their original prequalification applications or, alternatively, confirm in their bids that the originally submitted prequalification information remains essentially correct as of the date of bid submission. The update or confirmation should be provided in Section IV. 3. If the Employer has not undertaken prequalification of potential bidders, all bidders shall include the following information and documents with their bids in Section IV, unless otherwise stated in the BDS: (a) copies of original documents defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration, and principal place of business; written power of attorney of the signatory of the Bid to commit the Bidder; (b) total monetary value of Services performed for each of the last five years; (c) experience in Services of a similar nature and size for each of the last five years, and details of Services under way or contractually committed; and names and address of clients who may be contacted for further information on those contracts; (d) list of major items of equipment proposed to carry out the Contract; (e) qualifications and experience of key site management and technical personnel proposed for the Contract; (f) reports on the financial standing of the Bidder, such as profit and loss statements and auditor’s reports for the past five years; (g) evidence of adequacy of working capital for this Contract (access to line(s) of credit and availability of other financial resources); (h) authority to the Employer to seek references from the Bidder’s; (i) information regarding any litigation, current or during the last five years, in which the Bidder is involved, the parties concerned, and disputed amount; and (j) proposals for subcontracting components of the Services amounting to more than 10 percent of the Contract Price. 4. Bids submitted by a joint venture of two or more firms as partners shall comply with the following requirements, unless otherwise stated in the BDS: (a) the Bid shall include all the information listed in ITB SubClause 5.3 above for each joint venture partner; (b) the Bid shall be signed so as to be legally binding on all partners; (c) the Bid shall include a copy of the agreement entered into by the joint venture partners defining the division of assignments to each partner and establishing that all partners shall be jointly and severally liable for the execution of the Contract in accordance with the Contract terms; alternatively, a Letter of Intent to execute a joint venture agreement in the event of a successful bid shall be signed by all partners and submitted with the bid, together with a copy of the proposed agreement;